The Ukrainian Institute in cooperation with Docudays UA continue creating opportunities for filmmakers
22 February is a deadline for submitting applications for Ukrainian Doc Preview, a showcase of Ukrainian feature-length documentary projects at the production stage for international experts. This year, the event was made possible by the traditional cooperation of Docudays UA with Ukrainian Institute. Ukrainian Doc Preview 2021 is happening in March as part of DOCU/PRO Industry Platform of Docudays UA festival.

"The pandemic subverted an established system of festival networking, which previously determined the future of a good number of films," explains Olha Birzul, a Head of Film, the Ukrainian Institute. She continues, "The new reality prompted us to seek new formats that will prove more efficient under the lockdown. Specifically, Ukrainian Institute in cooperation with Docudays UA piloted a format of online showcasing of Ukrainian documentary projects during Ukrainian Doc Preview 2020. Due to the showcase, six participating projects found international support either additional funding or distribution. Such partnerships and synergy create opportunities to make Ukrainian documentary filmmaking resilient, powerful and visible on a global scene."

This year, the showcase and other events of the festival Industry Platform are happening online. Before the showcase, participants receive an opportunity to finish a three-day workshop facilitated by the best tutors from the international film industry.

"Ukrainian documentary filmmaking has been establishing itself on an international scene at full speed. In particular, both usual and professional foreign viewers are now well acquainted with such Ukrainian hits of the previous year as The Earth Is Blue as an Orange by Iryna Tsilyk or This Rain Will Never Stop by Alina Gorlova. Thanks to the success of this sort of auteur and elaborated documentary filmmaking, Ukraine stops being seen as merely an exotic location for some service shooting. In contrast, it turns into an independent agent, a country capable of telling its own story as opposed to it being told by some random observers," remarks Darya Bassel, a chairwoman of DOCU/PRO Industry Platform.

Ukrainian Doc Preview participants will also have a chance to partake in various workshops regarding issues of editing, special aspects of film co-production, international funding, and international film promoting.

You may find more detailed information on the applying process and capabilities of this year's showcase for participating projects here. Do not forget to follow the news on our website.

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