Ukrainian Institute's visual identity
The main version of the logo. Used for branded layouts within the identity, souvenirs, and other cases where the composition allows.
Used for a centre composition. It is also recommended to use in a large list of partner logos with different compositions.
Enlarged font
Additional version of the logo. It is used in situations when the font part of the standard version of the logo is not legible enough in the required size in the layout.
For dark background
Version with the white font part. It is recommended to use when the dark shade of the background interferes with the readability of the font part of the standard logo.
Version with font part of the logo. It is recommended to use in cases when colour rendering of a logo is impossible, and when the black-and-white decision is demanded.
Minimal size
Whenever possible, it is not recommended to use logos smaller than those shown in the illustrations.
Colour patterns
An additional element of the identity is geometric patterns.
Building cultural connections

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