Visualise — Ukrainian Institute programme to support exhibition projects abroad
Co-programming, additional funding and informational support for international exhibitions
The programme provides opportunities for co-programming, additional funding and informational support for international art exhibitions, which contribute to the promotion of Ukrainian art in the world. The planned programme budget in 2021 is up to 1 million UAH.

Art exhibitions are important platforms to discuss the current topics and cooperate with artists, curators and other visual arts specialists from different countries. It's a strong element of cultural diplomacy.

"For the Ukrainian Institute, it is important though difficult task to represent Ukraine to the world via visual art of both modern and past eras," says Tetiana Filevska, Creative Director of the Ukrainian Institute. — "Thus, we introduce the Ukrainian art to the world, speak in visual art language on important global issues and integrate Ukraine into the international context. This work requires many resources. As a common international practise shows, it takes from 2 to 5 years to prepare an exhibition and raise big funding."

In addition to lengthy preparation, international exhibition projects require consistent institutional involvement. The Visualise programme offers comprehensive support, including additional funding and involvement of the Institute's team in programming and developing communication strategies for chosen projects.

"Exhibition projects are long-term systematic work. For Ukrainian artists, it's an opportunity to take part in large-scale collaborations, to assert themselves, their institutions and their country. Exhibitions in respectable international museums and centres attract the professional community, media, and the general public. In other words, they provide direct access to the residents of London, New York, or Paris. The cult locations of these cities attract millions of visitors, and Ukraine cannot afford to miss it,"
says Anastasiia Yevsieieva, manager of the visual art sector.

The project proposal is to meet the following criteria: compliance of exhibition concept with the strategic goals, principles and values of the Ukrainian Institute, the relevance of the format and topics, institutional viability of the applicant, the Ukrainian Institute's involvement in exhibition preparation, etc. To submit their proposal, applicants must prove confirmed ongoing international partnerships for exhibition implementation. Availability of topic and exposition plan and confirmation of the venue rental will be an advantage.

You can submit your project proposal by August 2, 2020. The results will be announced in November-December 2020. Please note that selected projects will receive funding after April 2021.

For more details about the programme, please, follow the link.

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