Bilateral Year of Culture Austria-Ukraine 2019: key findings
2019 was unforgettable for Ukraine and Austria in the field of cultural relations, as it was a Bilateral Year of Culture Austria-Ukraine 2019
As the organisers of the Year stated, it was not about representation, but rather about the partnership, the collaboration between artists, experts, institutions, scientists from two countries. To learn how successful such cooperation was, the Ukrainian Institute and Österreichisches Kulturforum Kiew commissioned the study of the results of Bilateral Year of Culture Austria-Ukraine 2019.

"Monitoring and the evaluation of the results is the inevitable practice of sustainable and strong institutions, that is why we pay great attention to research and analytical work," — comments Director General of the Ukrainian Institute Volodymyr Sheiko.

Four co-organisers of the Year — Ukrainian Institute, Botschaft der Ukraine in Österreich/Посольство України в Республіці Австрія, Österreichisches Kulturforum Kiew / Австрійський культурний форум у Києві and Kooperationsbüro Lemberg — Австрійське бюро кооперації у Львові - implemented more than 200 projects in both countries that engaged dozens of institutions and thousands of participants and visitors.

How the Year influenced the attention to Ukraine in Austria, how successful was the format of the programme, did the co-organisers reach the goals and which key findings should be taken into account in the future projects of cultural diplomacy?

We share a summary of results.

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