Ukrainian Institute will support eight projects in Ukrainian studies in six countries
Support for Ukrainian studies projects
In 2020, the Ukrainian Institute will support eight projects that became finalists of the Lysiak-Rudnytsky Ukrainian Studies Programme. Selected (non-ranged) projects are:

  1. "Understanding  Ukraine  in  Germany: a  book  project  on  Ukraine's  culture  of remembrance.
    Office — Zentrum  Liberale  Moderne (Germany).
  2. Belt Road: Four Essays on World War II" by Olena Stiazhkina. Translation of the book from Ukrainian into English.
    ibidem-Verlag (Germany).
  3. "10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine" (Short Films).
    Ukrainian Institute London (the United Kingdom).
  4. Translation of the book «Who are the great female artists of Ukraine? » into Polish
    Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation (Poland)
  5. Translation of the book "Dissidents: An Anthology of Texts" from Ukrainian into English
    ibidem-Verlag (Germany)
  6. "Urban XX Century: spatial, visual, local and everydaу" (Multi-media project)
    Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Dr. Harald Binder Private Foundation (Austria)
  7. Programming of a website section for the CIUS-sponsored series of publications entitled Forum on Race and Postcolonialism in Ukraine
    Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies University of Alberta (Canada)
  8. Publication of the book with translations of texts from Ukrainian into Croatian «Lesya Ukrainka and Ukrainian Art Nouveau" dedicated to the 150th anniversary from the date of birth of Lesya Ukrainka
    The Croatian-Ukrainian Cooperation Society — HORUS (Croatia)

If any of above-mentioned projects declares its inability to collaborate with the Ukrainian Institute regardless of the reason, the Institute reserves the right to support the project that is next in the rating list, those are:

  1. "Building resilient Ukraine: promoting the Ukrainian agenda in Europe"
    International Center for Defense and Security (Estonia)
  2. "Ukraine. Europe 1921-1939: Reviews" in "New Eastern Europe" and "Nowa Europa Wschodnia"
    The Jan Nowak-Jezioranski College of Eastern Europe (Poland)

For the first open call of the Lysiak-Rudnytsky Programme, the Ukrainian Institute has received 56 applications from 15 countries (Austria, Australia, Belarus, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Finland, France, Poland, Spain, the U.S.A., the United Kingdom).

The applicants submitted the projects in music, history, literature, film, ethnography, visual arts, etc.

"We received more applications than we expected. The number of applications proves that the Lysiak-Rudnytsky Programme is a timely and needed programme. Each project promotes the Ukrainian agenda in Europe and North America in a certain way. Although we have chosen eight projects, the selection process was highly competitive. It makes us optimistic about the future of the Programme" — notes Oleksandra Gaidai, programme manager of Academic Programmes of the Ukrainian Institute.

The Lysiak-Rudnytsky Ukrainian Studies is a long-term programme of the Ukrainian Institute devoted to promotion of the Ukrainian Studies. The Programme is committed to deepen public understanding of Ukraine's past and present by supporting projects in cultural, educational, and research institutions abroad.

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