Ukrainian documentary projects in Cannes: Docudays UA and the Ukrainian Institute have selected participants for the UKRAINIAN SHOWCASE
The Ukrainian Institute together with Docudays UA will organise the first UKRAINIAN SHOWCASE @ Cannes Docs, an online presentation platform for Ukrainian documentary projects, which will take place at the Marché du Film as a part of the Cannes Docs section. It will present four upcoming documentaries. Their releases are expected this and the next year. Among 21 competitive projects, the organisers have selected the following:
Plai. Path through the Mountains
Directed by Eva Dzhyshiashvili and produced by Oksana Ivanyuk.

Ukraine, 70-80 minutes
Release date: 2021

This story is about Dmytro and Hanusia, a couple who have saved more than they have lost under the pressure of their burdensome being. The measure of their values is their love, which maintains the eternal flow of life.
Between Two Wars
Directed by Alina Gorlova and produced by Maksym Nakonechnyi, Ilona Bicevska, Patrick Hamm.

Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, the State of Qatar, 100 minutes.
Release date: 2020

The monochrome movie observes the endless cycle of war and peace machinery, in which we meet a young Kurdish guy Andriy. Fleeing Syrian conflict, his family unexpectedly landed in the Ukrainian. Following him back to his homeland, we start a slow journey from Ukraine to Iraq, Syria and Germany through war zones, military parades, humanitarian missions, refugee camps, cultural, religious, wedding and funeral customs.
Florian's Witnesses
Directed by Oleksiy Radynski and produced by Lyuba Knorozok.

Ukraine, Czech Republic, 80 minutes.
Release date: 2021

Florian Yuriev is an architect, artist, violin maker, musician, theorist and poet. Now aged 90, he has to master one more occupation: civic activism. One day, he learns that his main architectural work – Kyiv's UFO building – is under threat of being turned into a shopping mall. Florian decides to strike back.
Diary of a Bride of Christ
Directed by Marta Smerechynska and produced by Natalia Libet, Vitaliy Sheremetiev.

Ukraine, 90 minutes.
Release date: 2021
Production - "Digital Religion" LLC (Ukraine)

When her sister, at 13, decided to become a nun, the film director, outraged, tried to stop her. Six years later, she started filming in her sister's new home – in the nunnery.
Even though Cannes Docs is held online this year, it is an opportunity for Ukrainian projects to get direct access to the large cinema industry community. Every year, Cannes Docs special professional programme at Marché du Film brings together authors, producers, and all those involved in the production of full-length creative documentaries aimed at cinema distribution.

Ukrainian producers and directors will pitch their projects to representatives of the most influential international festivals and sales agencies. In addition to the presentation, participating projects will get individual consultations from the leading international experts.

This year, the Ukrainian Institute will also support the presentation of Ukrainian producers in the Producers Network programme at the Cannes film market.

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