Art contest to develop the concept and publish a special edition on the Ukrainian culinary diplomacy
The project aim is to represent Ukrainian cuisine as a cultural heritage and part of the intangible heritage of Ukraine.
By involving scientists and chefs, the Ukrainian Institute plans to create a publication that would not merely describe the culinary traditions in Ukraine but also include recipes and tips from chefs.

The edition will consist of:

Popular science texts that have not yet been published. Such topics as the history of Ukrainian cuisine, traditions of hospitality in Ukraine, Ukrainian and international experience of culinary diplomacy will be taken into account when developing the edition.

Requirements for authors:

  • degree in humanities or social sciences;
  • publications relevant to the subject or professional experience in the field of cultural diplomacy.

Recipes from Ukrainian chefs that would reflect the regional and national diversity of Ukraine’s culinary traditions. The project should include recommendations for serving the dishes according to protocol and other events.

Requirements for chefs:
  • professional education;
  • honours in culinary competitions and/or culinary courses;
  • work in the position of chefs;
  • confirmed experience in food development;
  • involvement of chefs from different regions of Ukraine will be an advantage.

The winner of the contest must develop a concept of the edition and, on its basis, make an original layout of the publication in Ukrainian and English by December 1, 2020.
How to apply
To apply for the art contest, send an email at with the attached scan copy of the application form signed and sealed by your organisation (if any) with the subject "Application to participate in the art contest to develop and publish a special edition on culinary diplomacy". The application deadline is June 12, 2020, 23:59 Kyiv time.

In your email, please, indicate the name of your organisation and contact details (phone number and email).

Business entities registered in Ukraine, entitled to carry out activities in the field of publishing, are eligible to participate in the contest.

The application must include:

  1. Registration documents of the business entity in PDF format (up to 5 MB);
  2. The concept of the publication with a brief description of the sections;
  3. Letters (or agreements) from chefs confirming their consent to participate in the project, with their current CVs;
  4. Letters of confirmation from the authors to write a study on the relevant topic/section of the book, their CVs indicating relevant experience or relevant scientific publications;
  5. An estimate with detailed information on the type of services for the preparation and production of the original layout in Ukrainian and English (in Excel format);
  6. Confirmation of the experience of similar publishing projects for the last three years (in the form of scanned contracts and / or published cookbooks);
  7. CV of the project manager/editor with the relevant publishing and editorial experience, as well as the availability of research on the history of Ukrainian cuisine;
  8. Certificate of absence of direct or indirect contacts with the representatives of the aggressor state the Russian Federation, according to the template.

Please, send a hard copy of the submitted application with all signatures and seals, including attachments, to the postal address of the Ukrainian Institute: 01001, Kyiv, 2, Velyka Zhytomyrska st.

Please note, documents in hard copy to be sent to the abovementioned address by June 12, 2020.

For information, please contact:
Announcement of the winner: June 15, 2020.
Evaluation criteria
  1. Compliance of the submitted application with the requirements and the aim of the Event - max. 4 points;
  2. Innovation and creativity of the publication project - max. 4 points;
  3. The level of staffing and logistics required for the project - max. 4 points;
  4. Experience of publishing projects in gastronomic culture, a proper level of awareness of the subject - max. 4 points;
  5. The project is realistic to implement, a scope of work and resources involved meet the objectives and deadlines - max. 4 points;
  6. The ratio between costs and expected results is rational, the cost items of the estimate correspond to the objectives of the project - max. 4 points.

Each application receives scores from the members of the expert commission. An application which scored the most points becomes the winner of the contest.

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