Bilateral Year of Culture Ukraine-Austria 2019
The approach adopted to formulate the Institute's programme of activities in Austria was to present both well-known and obscure Ukrainian cultural achievement before an Austrian audience. The objectives included the enhancement of mutual understanding between nations encouraging interest in Ukraine and greater openness to new perspectives of cultural cooperation. Particular attention was paid to contemporary culture, a contemporary interpretation of Ukraine's cultural and historical heritage, and the understanding of the long and deep historical and cultural ties between our two nations. Much of the programme was devoted to contemporary academic and popular music and exploring the relationship between Ukrainian and Austrian musical traditions.
On 22 February 2019, the Institute, in conjunction with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv, organized the Year's opening event in Kyiv: the presentation of the official website of the Cultural Year Information on events taking place in Ukraine and Austria with the support of the Ukrainian Institute, the Embassy of Ukraine in Austria, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv, and the Austrian Cooperation Office in L'viv was regularly updated on the website throughout the year.
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